Aunali K.
Hi, my name is


Aunali aka Cossale

Computer Science Student

A 20 year old developer from India. I'm very passionate about flutter, reverse engineering, open source and all sorts of music.

My interests include Machine learning, Reverse engineering, Web scraping, Bash scripting, and Automation.


May 2022 - Present
Core Software Developer · ReVanced

• Worked with a globally distributed team of 15 developers to build ReVanced, an open-source Android modification framework empowering users to customize apps to suit their needs.

• I helped spearhead overall architecture, design, and roadmapping - devising an adaptable core to enable endless customizations for apps built on Dalvik like YouTube. I also directly contributed extensive code across the codebase.

• I led development of the ReVanced Manager app installed by over 170K users. The app streamlined installations and made core functionality easily accessible.

• Initially adopted by a few hundred users, ReVanced gathered incredible traction on platforms like Reddit, Discord and Telegram from folks who really liked what we built.

• As installs grew exponentially to 170,000+, I took on expanded duties - overseeing roadmap priorities, debugging complex issues, liaising with user communities, and ensuring stability through rigorous testing.

• The project gave me hands-on experience on how coordinated remote teams can build delightful products loved by users globally. Debugging performance problems taught me how to approach issues methodically. Ultimately, the ability to solve real user problems at scale was extremely fulfilling.

September 2023 - March 2024
Software Developer Intern · MantiQ Infotech

During my 6-month internship at MantiQ Infotech, I lead the development of SentiraAI - a platform leveraging AI for audio/video transcription and text summarization.

• Built the core Node.js/Express API integrating AI services like Deepgram and Cohere for transcription and summarization capabilities. Implemented authentication using API keys and session management with Supabase.

• Developed the SentiraAI web app using SvelteKit and TailwindCSS, providing a user-friendly interface for file uploads, viewing transcripts/summaries, and account management. Integrated Stripe for payment processing.

• Developed Telegram and Discord bots connected to the SentiraAI API, enabling users to access transcription and summarization features within their messaging apps.

• Created cross-browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) using JavaScript, allowing users to transcribe and summarize web content directly.

• Optimized performance through caching, error handling, and file cleanup mechanisms. Documented the system using VitePress.

• The project exposed me to full-stack development, third-party integrations, and building user experiences across multiple platforms using technologies like Node.js, SvelteKit, AI APIs, and messaging platform APIs.


July 2022 - Present
ReVanced Manager patch any Dalvik Android application.

The ReVanced Manager is an Android application that allows you to modify any Dalvik Android application to add, remove and/or modify existing functionality. It dissassembles the APK locally on your device, makes the required changes using our in-house patcher library and then assembles it back into an APK again. You can find it on GitHub.

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Kotlin
February 2022
NotesCentral a practicals sharing app for students.

NotesCentral is a practicals sharing app for students primarily for code. It allows students to upload their practicals and share them with other students. It has syntax highlighting for code for popular programming languages. It includes authentication and authorization. It is styled using TailwindCSS and is built using PHP and MySQL.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • TailwindCSS
January 2022 - February 2022
Torrent Scraper Scrapes torrent site to stream movies.

Scrapes 1337x torrent site to get magnet links. Magnet links are then passed to WebTorrent to download the file and stream it locally in VLC media player. It is built using Dart and WebTorrent.It is a CLI application

  • Dart
  • WebTorrent
  • Web Scraping